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Tucker Carlson Next Job Betting Odds

Tucker Carlson Betting Odds | Entertainment Odds | Entertainment Betting

Odds Provided by Bovada

Tucker Carlson's Next Permanent Position

OANN +175

Newsmax +200

MSNBC +400

NewsNation +900

BBC News +2000

Russia Today +2000

Al. Jazeera +3000

Bloomberg TV +3000

Blaze TV +4000

ESPNews +5000

CNN +10000

Fox News Closing Stock Price on 12/31/2023

Under $25 +175

$25 to $29.99 +175

$30 to $34.99 +350

$35 to $39.99 +500

$40 or Over +500

Former Fox News employee Tucker Carlson Betting Odds post from Raphael Esparza who was a Las Vegas Sportsbook manager for 13 years at some of the largest books on the Strip. For the past couple of years Esparza has been one of the head oddsmakers at one of the biggest global books in the world.

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