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Presidential Debate Betting Odds

Presidential Debate Betting Odds | Political Odds | Political Betting


Odds Provided by BetOnline


How Many Times Will Donald Trump Use His Famous “Make America Great Again”?

Over 1.5 Times -200

Under 1.5 Times +150


Will Donald Trump Mention His Ongoing Legal Battles or Trails

Yes -150

No +110


First Candidate to Mention “Economy”

Joe Biden -120

Donald Trump -120


First Candidate to Mention “COVID-19”

Joe Biden -120

Donald Trump -120


First Candidate to Mention “China”

Joe Biden -120

Donald Trump -120


Number of Times Joe Biden Says “Folks”

Over 5.5 Times -200

Under 5.5 Times +150


Will Joe Biden Use the Phrase “Here’s The Deal”

Yes -220

No +155


Number of Times Donald Trump Says “Fake News”

Over 3.5 Times +120

Under 3.5 Times -160


Will Joe Biden Wear an America Flag Pin

Yes -1000

No +500


Will Donald Trump Wear an America Flag Pin

Yes -1000

No +500


Will Trump say he'll pardon Hunter Biden?

Yes +1200


First candidate to condemn Israel

Donald Trump +200

Joe Biden -300


How many times will moderator call for order?

Over 4.5 -120Under 4.5 -120


First candidate to suggest other is "on drugs"

Joe Biden +400

Donald Trump  -700


First candidate to say 'shut-up' to other candidate

Donald Trump +110

Joe Biden -150


First candidate to drink from water bottle

Donald Trump +110

Joe Biden -150


First candidate to finish allotted bottle of water

Donald Trump +150

Joe Biden -200


Which candidate will be trending highest on Twitter/X at end of debate?

Donald Trump -200

Joe Biden +150


First candidate to say 'Twitter/X' or 'Musk'

Donald Trump -165

Joe Biden +125


What will happen during debate?                    

Biden to say "Shut up!" +300

Trump to be warned/scolded by moderator +300

Biden to lose his footing +1000

Biden falls asleep +1200

Biden to have five-second brain freeze +1200

Either man to walk off +1400

Trump to sniff five times during one response +1400

Trump says "Bing Bong" +2000

Trump says drill baby drill +2000

Biden says dictator douchebag +5000


What will happen first?

Either candidate says curse word +250

Either candidate adjusts microphone -400


Which nickname will be said first?                   

Sleepy Joe +110

Crooked Hillary +140

Fake Tapper +500

Crazy Jack Smith +1000


Which indictment word/phrase will be said first?                     

Felon +200

Witch Hunt +200

Insurrection +600

Hush Money +650

Stormy Daniels +800

Espionage +1200

Fake Electors +1200


How many times will Biden say 'folks'?

Over 4.5 -120Under 4.5 -120


How many times will Trump say 'fake news'?

Over 1.5 -120Under 1.5 -120   


How many times will Hunter Biden be mentioned?

Over 2 +100

Under 2 -140    


How many times will 'Putin' be said?

Over 7.5

Under 7.5


How many times will Trump say 'stolen' or 'rigged'?

Over 3.5 -120Under 3.5 -120


What will Trump do first?

Mention his hair +140

Insult CNN -180


Which word/phrase will be said first?

Jail/Prison +140

Felon/Criminal -180


Which will Biden say first?

Insurrection +150

January 6th -200


Which will Biden say first?

Lock Him Up +150

Stormy -200


Which will Trump say first?

Rigged +140

Witch Hunt +160

Fake News +225


Which will Trump say first?

Cryptocurrency +110

Bitcoin -150


Which name will be said first?

Hillary -120

Obama/Barack -120


Which war will be discussed first?

Israel-Hamas +100

Ukraine-Russia -140


Which person will be said first?           

Putin +100

Netanyahu +220

Zelensky +240


What will be Trump's final word?                    

Again +300

America +350

You +350

Night +400

Bye +600

Go +600

Great +600

This +600

Biden +1000


Which wife will be mentioned first?

Jill Biden -300

Melania Trump +200


Presidential Debate Betting Odds post from Raphael Esparza who was a Las Vegas Sportsbook manager for 13 years at some of the largest books on the Strip. For the past couple of years Esparza has been one of the head oddsmakers at one of the biggest global books in the world.


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