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  • Raphael Esparza

Next Crypto Exchange Bankruptcy Betting Odds

Crypto Exchange Bankruptcy Betting Odds | Financial Odds | Financial Betting

Odds Provided by BetOnline

Next Crypto Exchange to File for Bankruptcy +200

eToro +275

KuCoin +350

Bitfinex +400

Gemini +550

Robinhood +900

Binance.US +1200

Kraken +1500

Binance +2000

Coinbase +2500

Price of Crypto Exchange Betting Odds post from Raphael Esparza who was a Las Vegas Sportsbook manager for 13 years at some of the largest books on the Strip. For the past couple of years Esparza has been one of the head oddsmakers at one of the biggest global books in the world.

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