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NBA Best Record Odds

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

2022-23 NBA Future 2022-23 NBA Regular Season Best Record

Odds Provided by Caesars

Boston Celtics +550

Atlanta Hawks +4000

Toronto Raptors +4500

Toronto Raptors +4500

Chicago Bulls +15000

Chicago Bulls +15000

Los Angeles Clippers +600

Portland Trail Blazers +20000

Golden State Warriors +650

New York Knicks +30000

​Milwaukee Bucks +650

Charlotte Hornets +50000

Phoenix Suns +750

Detroit Pistons +50000

Brooklyn Nets +800

Washington Wizards +50000

Philadelphia 76ers +1000

Sacramento Kings +50000

Minnesota Timberwolves +1100

Oklahoma City Thunder +100000

Denver Nuggets +1200

Orlando Magic +100000

Memphis Grizzlies +1300

Houston Rockets +100000

Dallas Mavericks +2200

Utah Jazz +100000

Miami Heat +2200

Indiana Pacers +100000

Cleveland Cavaliers +3500

San Antonio Spurs +10000

New Orleans Pelicans +3500

​Los Angeles Lakers +3500

2022-23 NBA Regular Season Best Record Odds from Raphael Esparza who was a Las Vegas Sportsbook manager for 13 years at some of the largest books on the Strip. For the past couple of years Esparza has been one of the head oddsmakers at one of the biggest global books in the world.

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