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Baseball – Aaron Judge Next Team Betting Odds

Baseball Aaron Judge Next team and Contract Betting Odds | Baseball Odds | Baseball Betting

Aaron Judge Next MLB Baseball Team (If Not the New York Yankees)

San Francisco Giants +200

Los Angeles Dodgers +300

New York Mets +600

St Louis Cardinals +800

Atlanta Braves +1200

Texas Rangers +1200

Boston Red Sox +1200

Los Angeles Angels +1600

Toronto Blue Jays +1600

Chicago Cubs +1600

Seattle Mariners +1600

Houston Astros +1800

Philadelphia Phillies +2000

San Diego Padres +2500

Minnesota Twins +2500

Cleveland Guardians +3300

Baltimore Orioles +3300

Tampa Bay Rays +4000

Miami Marlins +6600

Aaron Judge Next Contract Value

Over 375 Million USD -120

Under 375 Million USD -120

Baseball Aaron Judge Next team and Contract Betting Odds post from Raphael Esparza who was a Las Vegas Sportsbook manager for 13 years at some of the largest books on the Strip. For the past couple of years Esparza has been one of the head oddsmakers at one of the biggest global books in the world.

If you want to place a bet on the Baseball – Aaron Judge Betting Odds Click Here - These Baseball betting odds are from BetOnline Sports Book

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